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The Canadian Society for Environmental Philosophy/Société canadienne de philosophie environnementale (CSEP/SCEP)

has been established to foster education and research into philosophical issues arising from our relationship to the natural world. 


A network for dialogue and collaboration, the CSEP/SCPE aims to foster discussion of Canadian and global environmental issues in all their philosophical dimensions; including (but not limited to) aesthetic, ethical, metaphysical, ontological, phenomenological, social and political, scientific, and spiritual.

Membership is free. Just contact us to join.

Why a Canadian Society for Philosophy of Environment?

Canadians have a unique perspective on  environmental issues, policies, and practices, regional, national, and international. The CSEP/SCEP aims to give greater visibility to Canadian philosophical contributions to discussions of our relationship to the natural world, to highlight the work of younger scholars, and to create opportunities for joint discussion and collaboration.

Steering Committee


Andrew Brook, Carleton University

Beth Carruthers, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Tyler DesRoches, Arizona State University

Allen Habib, University of Calgary

Thomas Heyd, University of Victoria

Alain Létourneau, Université de Sherbrooke
Jennifer Welchman, University of Alberta

Byron Williston,Wilfrid Laurier University



Founded at the University of Alberta in 2015, the CSEP/SCEP held its first annual meeting in conjunction with the Western Canadian Philosophical Association, in Edmonton, October 28-30th, 2016. The second annual meeting will also be held jointly with the Western Canadian Philosophical Association at the University of Regina in 2017. 


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